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Welcome to the universal hub for Closed Circuit Television Systems. This is a website that discusses CCTV and its uses throughout the globe. CCTV serves a multitude of purposes and with ever changing methods and equipment, CCTV has a new face since IPTV and TV Online have become a mainstay in the internet community.

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CCTV systems online as a means to watch movies online and TV online.


TV Online has made a major impact around the world television programs are now appearing online and in parts of the world where there are non local television or CCTV centers, the internet is the only way to watch television. Several governments have now moved their television broadcasting strictly to the internet and have created a CCTV system for national broadcasting as well as the broadcast of national emergency instructions.

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It is a long established fact television will move to an all IP based system now that speeds of the internet have increased and more data centers have been launched across the world, IP TV and CCTV on the internet have now become a reality. 3D television in combination with Smart televisions and tv apps have made the television so much more than a device for entertainment.

Television programs and public service announcements from websites such as Justin TV and others have made the internet a visual source of steady and reliable information. The use of live TV cameras in video shows plus the extensive TV training that is now happening has made the internet an invaluable source for educating people globally. TV Training is especially important for those countries that do not have access to higher sources of education.

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